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I have travelled to Pelzerhaken-Neustadt/Ost Holstein in August to visit family and friends for over fifty years. My   art   themes   have   changed   to   the   undulating   environment   of   Ost   Holstein   often   referred   to   as   the   Holstein Switzerland   (Holsteinische   Schweiz)   because   of   its   patchwork   of   lakes   and   forests   that   are   reminiscent   of   the   Swiss landscape.   However,   Holstein’s   highest   point   is   only   168   metres   above   sea   level   so   it   cannot   be   compared   with Switzerland’s mountainous areas. You may notice in this digital exhibition that the artwork has no seasonal change and focuses on the late harvest. My   artwork   is   influenced   by   the   mid   twentieth   century   German   Expressionists   who   also   spent   time   in   Ost   Holstein painting the landscape particularly: Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, Emile Nolde and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. The    paintings    been    transcribed    from    direct    drawing    in    A5    sketchbooks.    The    ploughed    landscapes    have    been deliberately   exaggerated   to   achieve   maximum   effect   on   the   composition.   They   are   from   a   high   contrasting   palette   with additional quinacridone colours and do not relate to nature. My autographic prints also show this emphasis using <Brusho> crystal colours in the screen printing process